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Properties of Tungsten Carbide Jewelry

28th Apr 2014

Tungsten carbide jewelry has increasingly become the de facto standard for younger and younger couples coming of age in the market to buy a quality wedding band without the hefty expense. With gold and platinum at a huge premium, more couples opt for tungsten carbide jewelry which has a number of advantageous properties over the "old guard" metals.

Gold is the king of jewelry metals due to its workability and yellow color. You will often find gold in jewelry made even thousands of years ago because it is rather primitive. Gold is soft and easy to mold into shapes that humans have long used for jewelry. It's also a beautiful color but as couples increasingly wish to differentiate themselves from their parents' generations, they are opting for platinum color bands. Unfortunately, platinum is even more expensive than gold and is not even pure gold, as it is mixed with other metals for hardness and color.

Tungsten carbide, on the other hand, is a sign of the advancement of modern technology. Tungsten carbide is actually an alloy composed of 80% tungsten and 20% carbon, hence the name "tungsten carbide." Tungsten carbide jewelry has a modern stainless steel appearance which is more popular nowadays. Tungsten carbide also comes in a lighter, whiter color closer to white gold called white tungsten.

Shoppers to opt for tungsten carbide jewelry know they are getting a high quality look and feel comparable to platinum and other expensive metals without the high price point. Tungsten jewelry is also industrial strength and very hard to scratch. While it's important to note that tungsten is not scratch proof, it is very scratch resistant and thus requires very little care or worry. Gold or platinum rings will dull and scratch over time, requiring constant maintenance. Finally, tungsten carbide is hypoallergenic and will not cause any skin irritations for people with sensitive skin.

Caring for a tungsten carbide ring is much less involved than pewter, silver, or gold. Since it is a natural Earth element, it will be affected by harsh chemical cleaners like chlorine. Instead, use a simple solution of dishwasher soap and warm water and polish with a cloth. That's all it takes, really, nothing fancy at all!

Thanks to new trend of tungsten carbide jewelry, it's quickly become a popular, affordable alternative for wedding bands for younger couples who don't care so much for gold, platinum, and their sky-high prices. With tungsten carbide jewelry available at only a fraction of the price with a myriad of beautiful machined designs to choose from, it's no wonder that you often see newlyweds sporting a matching set of tungsten carbide wedding bands these days.