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Can I Resize a Tungsten Ring?

24th Jan 2017

The short answer: no... and yes.

Let's start with "no, you can't resize a tungsten ring."

The simple reason for this can be attributed to the hardness of the metal. Tungsten carbide has its roots in industrial machinery where such hardness was a necessity and has only recently in the past decade or so become used in fine jewelry thanks to its durability and affordability. On the Mohs scale of hardness, tungsten carbide ranks as a 9-9.5 out of 10. Only diamond is harder. To give a sense of scale, gold is rated at 2.5, platinum at 3.5, and steel at 4.5.

With such a high mineral hardness, tungsten carbide is so much stronger than gold that it actually cannot be altered (cut) after it is cast, it would break. Gold, on the other hand, is highly malleable and easily shaped. In fact this is the reason why 100% pure gold is unsuitable for jewelry and instead you see "14k" or "18k gold" everywhere you look. Gold used for fine jewelry is actually mixed with stronger metals, usually copper and silver, to achieve a hardness suitable for everyday wear and tear. Gold that is 14k or 18k is also still soft enough to be resized with the right equipment. The ring can be cut and a section either removed or added to adjust the ring size.

This is not so with tungsten rings, so how come we say "yes, you can resize a tungsten ring?"

The answer to that depends on where you purchase your ring. If you purchase a ring from Timeless Tungsten, you will automatically receive a free lifetime resizing warranty. What this guarantees is that if your ring size should ever change in the future and you would require a resize service, send it back to us and we will exchange it for a brand new ring in your new size for as long as you own your ring. In this way, we can "resize" your ring for you, and you wouldn't even have to go to a jeweler and pay the labor fees for the resizing work. The ring will be a completely new one in the same style and will be shipped to you absolutely free of charge.

The ability to "resize" your tungsten ring would not be possible to you if you had purchased from less reputable retailers selling cheap tungsten rings like those on Amazon or eBay where any sort of guarantee is hard to come by. All purchases made through Timeless Tungsten are backed by a lifetime warranty in addition to the lifetime resizing guarantee. Timeless Tungsten also offers easy, no-questions-asked 30 day returns with zero restocking fees or other such nonsense as charged by other retailers.

To summarize, a tungsten ring cannot physically be resized. However, if you purchase a ring from Timeless Tungsten your ring will be covered by a resizing guarantee. Send in your ring, we will "resize" it for you (send you a brand new one free of charge), and you will have a new ring in your desired size without ever having to go to a jewelry store or pay for a resizing service.