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Benefits of Tungsten Rings and Why You Should Get One

16th Jul 2014

Tungsten rings are all rage today due to a number of benefits that traditional rings simply cannot match. Their rise in popularity can be chronicled here on Google Trends which tracks the popularity of keywords people type into the Google search engine. After understanding the wide range of benefits that tungsten rings have to offer, it's easy to see why it's gained in popularity compared to more traditional rings like platinum, white gold, or titanium.

Take a look at this chart below. The blue line represents "tungsten rings" and you can see it start off as a very low volume search word way back in 2004. The other rings like platinum, white gold, and titanium dominate the wedding ring market at this time. However, you can see the trends of these rings start to level off until you reach present day while tungsten rings start to gain in popularity.

Amazingly, tungsten rings are about as popular today as titanium rings which once were the go-to metal for near-indestructible rings. This shows that tungsten rings are not a fad and are here to stay after being introduced to the jewelry marketplace ten years ago. Even traditional rings like platinum and white gold have leveled off in consumer interest over this same period in time. Meanwhile, tungsten rings are still holding strong. This explains why you notice more and more tungsten rings on the fingers of men and women today.

It's easy to understand why tungsten rings have become so popular when you understand their numerous benefits. Perhaps the number one benefit is its strength. Everyone hears about how strong tungsten rings (actually tungsten carbide) are. Tungsten is combined with carbon to give it its enormous strength. Carbon, as you know, is what makes diamonds so hard. On the hardness scale where diamonds rank at 10.0, tungsten carbide rings sit at 9.5. Compare that to platinum (4.0), white gold (3.0), and even titanium (6.0) and you can see that tungsten carbide easily outranks other metals in hardness.

Rings that have a higher hardness last longer.

Not only that, tungsten rings are also far cheaper than titanium, gold, white gold, or platinum rings. This is due to the industrial background of tungsten. It is used frequently in heavy machinery as it is cheap to make yet has amazing hardness properties. It is not a naturally found metal like gold, which means there were no forced laborers or mines used to obtain it. Tungsten carbide can be made easily in a factory. That brings the cost of manufacturing down which is then passed on to the consumer.

Take an expensive platinum or titanium ring and put it side by side with a white tungsten ring and you would be hard pressed to discern a difference unless you were an experienced jeweler. White tungsten is just tungsten carbide mixed with more metals to increase its brightness to match that of platinum or white gold. When you do this, you have two rings that look the same except one costs way more (platinum) than the other way less (white tungsten). Consider the other benefit of tungsten is its hardness and not only does a platinum ring cost much more, it is also less durable and is prone to fading.

Tungsten rings are highly resistant to scratches and fading.

Platinum or gold rings oxidize and require frequent maintenance. You've got to clean them and polish them and each time you do you risk stripping away some of the precious metal. A tungsten ring is so hard that most things won't be able scratch it and only require simple washing if at all. A polished tungsten surface will look as beautiful as the day you bought it.

Tungsten rings are less expensive because they are man-made. This brings opportunities to shape and design tungsten rings into styles never before possible with traditional metals. This opens up the door to endless possibilities and the direct beneficiary of that is the consumer who has an enormous selection of tungsten rings to choose from.

You may have come across cheap tungsten rings for under $50 or maybe even under $10. These rings most likely come from China. The materials used in Chinese made tungsten rings are of lesser quality and have been known to cause skin rashes. All tungsten carbide rings carried by Timeless Tungsten are made right here in the USA with only the highest quality materials. Every Timeless Tungsten ring also comes with a lifetime warranty against cracking or breaking and we offer an industry-leading free resizing policy if your finger size ever changes. Try getting all of that out of a $10 tungsten ring off eBay!

The benefits of tungsten rings are what separate it from other metals. Tungsten rings are very hard, affordable, last longer, do not fade, and come in more shapes and styles. They are imperceptible in difference to more expensive rings yet require less care and cost less money. With such an impressive list of benefits, it's easy to see why tungsten rings are worth your consideration.