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Engagement Ring Cost: How Much Should You Spend?

4th Aug 2014

engagement ring average cost for men

When it comes down to a man's time to buy an engagement ring for himself before his big day one of the biggest questions that gets asked is how much should a man's engagement ring cost and what are other guys spending on their rings? The answer to that may shock you. A man spends on average a whopping $572 for his engagement ring according to Wedding Report. We're betting these budgets are mostly being spent by men who have never heard of tungsten carbide jewelry.

As purveyors of fine tungsten carbide rings at Timeless Tungsten, we personally find this number to be shockingly high. Our selection of tungsten carbide rings are primarily catered to men who are shopping for a high quality engagement ring without breaking the bank. In fact most of our rings sit between the $100 and $200 price range, which is perfectly affordable while being made in the USA with quality construction and materials.

Now that you know how much the average man is spending on his engagement ring ($572), the next question to ask now is how much should you be spending? If you want to go with the average then stop reading now, you've got your answer. However, if you know you can do better without sacrificing on quality, then we would recommend considering a tungsten carbide ring.

Sure, we may have an agenda here because after all we are an alternative metals jeweler but let's let the facts speak for themselves:

  • Traditional metals like gold, white gold, and platinum are very expensive and not durable.
  • Alternative metals like tungsten carbide are readily affordable and highly durable.

We'll stop right there. Unless you'd like us to go on?

  • You would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a white tungsten band and a platinum band. If you think you could you would only be fooling yourself. The only real difference is something you can't see: platinum dulls and is pricey, tungsten is highly scratch-resistant and affordable.
  • Tungsten carbide rings can be engraved (which we offer on all our rings) contrary to popular belief with the use of high-powered laser technology.
  • Tungsten carbide rings come in many more different shapes, designs, and finishes including cools inlays like wood and carbon fiber. That's because tungsten carbide is man-made making giving it a huge versatility in looks that you won't find in traditional jewelry.

As you can see it's really quite sensible to opt for a tungsten carbide engagement ring, especially since you will notice their increased popularity on men's ring fingers if you keep your eyes peeled. Young men are increasingly looking to get a high value for a lower budget and rather than buy a traditional engagement ring that costs more, is less durable, and requires constant care, a tungsten carbide band fits the bill perfectly as a cool, hip alternative that still looks just as nice without requiring the high price and maintenance costs.

At Timeless Tungsten our rings are priced competitively mostly between $100 to $200 and aimed primarily for men though we also have many unisex designs and designs just for women. While the average man is spending $572 for a ring it doesn't mean you have to too. It just gives you a better idea for a reasonable budget and the rest is up to you to decide.