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1 Secret to Inner Calm: Tungsten Spinner Rings, Meditation Rings


Did you know that some tungsten rings can provide an instant source of inner calm in our increasingly hectic world? Spinner rings, also known as prayer rings, meditation rings, anxiety rings, fidget rings, or worry rings, are comprised of two stacked bands—an inner band and an outer band, one on top of the other—allowing for independent movement or "spinning" of the outer band over the inner band. This means that while you wear a spinner ring on your finger, you can actually turn or spin the outer band without moving the inner band underneath. Just think of it as two bands sliding over/under each other.

So what's this got to do with the secret to inner calm, you ask?

Have you ever been so absorbed in deep thought only to "awaken" to the realization that you had been absent mindedly spinning your ring around your finger over and over? Or perhaps you loosened your ring and slid it farther up where you could spin it around and around with one hand?

tungsten spinner rings provide inner calm

If you've ever fiddled with your ring in a similar manner, you were subconsciously channeling your ring's secret soothing power to provide inner calm and allow you to think.

That's where a dedicated spinner ring comes in handy, allowing you to transfer away your anxiety and stress any time you need it during your day. It also adds a pleasurable tactile sensation that a non-spinner ring simply cannot provide. The relaxing motion of turning the outer band around your finger combined with the subtle resistance of the sliding bands is simply something you have to experience to understand. Though the concept seems simple and perhaps, we admit, even a little silly, spinner rings genuinely have the power to unlock inner calm at will.

People also love to use spinner rings for prayers or meditations on-the-go, in a similar spirit to the Catholic rosary and the Buddhist prayer bead. Spinner rings are also a joy to simply spin around mindlessly, giving your physical body something to occupy itself with so your mind can be free to think deeply and creatively. That reminds us of a great story

If you've ever read The Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey, you'll know about the two selves we carry within each of us. In an example from one of his tennis lessons, Gallwey teaches a student to improve her swing by getting her out of her own head and letting her inner self hit the ball. Rather than barraging her with a non-stop stream of instructions on how to hit the ball, he makes no comments about her swing. Instead he tells her to focus solely on watching for the exact moments the ball hits the ground and not to think at all. This gives her outer self, which is usually critical and forceful, something to do. Meanwhile her inner self, quiet and intuitive, is able to step up, feel out, and physically imprint the proper swing technique. After the session Gallwey's student is amazed to learn she only hits one ball into the net.

A tungsten spinner ring can offer a similar experience. When you are in need of focus or creativity, occupy yourself first by spinning your ring and then letting your thoughts flow. We can't all be so cerebral all the time, so sometimes it's relaxing to just sit there and spin the ring while thinking of nothing at all. In fact, that is pretty much the essence of meditation. Clearing your mind doesn't have to involve listening to weird meditation music, burning incense, chanting mantras, and posing in a yogic position. The serene yet satisfying act of spinning you spinner ring around your finger can give you a quiet moment of peace whenever you need it. Spinner rings also help alleviate stress and nervous energy, giving you an outlet to get rid of your fidgeting and anxiety.

Timeless Tungsten offers a variety of tungsten spinner rings with numerous designs to match your personality. Below are just a few of our favorites.

covino flat tungsten carbide spinner ring decimus roman numeral tungsten prayer ring caelum diamond pattern black ceramic spinner ring pickett cowboy cattle herd tungsten anxiety ring
harpe nautical theme ship anchor tungsten meditation ring lowther arrow pattern tungsten spinner ring madine star wars rebel alliance emblem logo tungsten spinner ring rennick deer stags mountain range tungsten worry ring

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