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Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide is a man-made metal alloy forged by combining Tungsten and Carbon and is widely considered one of the world's strongest bonds. By itself, Tungsten is a dense natural element with a high melting point. And like other natural metals like gold, platinum, and silver, Tungsten is prone to scratching, fading, and damage. By reinforcing Tungsten with Carbon, it becomes virtually indestructible and an excellent candidate for fine jewellery.

With a hardness rating ranging from 8.5 to 9.5 on the Mohs scale, Tungsten Carbide will not scratch, warp, or melt. It's beautiful to look and never loses its luster. Tungsten Carbide is a popular choice for wedding bands as it gives greater meaning and symbolism as an indestructible bond.

Black Ceramic

Like Tungsten Carbide, Black Ceramic is extremely hard and durable and does not easily scratch, discolor, or fade. It rivals Tungsten Carbide in is indestructability and makes a great lighter-weight alternative to a Tungsten Carbide band.

Because Tungsten Carbide only truly comes in one color, grey, a black industrial coating is applied to achieve a black coloration. Black Ceramic on the other hand is truly naturally black through and through. In the unlikely event that it would ever chip, it will expose a black core. "Black" Tungsten Carbide would show its true color of gray.

Cobalt Chrome

Cobalt Chrome is a metal alloy like Tungsten Carbide and is extremely hard. While not as scratch-resistant as Tungsten Carbide, it is still four times harder than platinum and five times harder than gold.

Cobalt Chrome is a popular ring material due to its platinum appearance which never fades and keeps its white luster forever. While platinum can fade and Tungsten Carbide only comes in gray, Cobalt Chrome makes for a more traditional look as a white ring with the resiliancy normally associated with Tungsten Carbide.

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